Park Development

Shaba Hills and Buffalo Springs, Kenya: An agreement with the Isiolo County Government (ICG) remains to be concluded but APN has been asked to submit an ‘Expression of Interest’ via a public call for proposals by the Isiolo County Government to manage Shaba and Buffalo Springs. The deadline for submissions is the 10th of June and we are hopeful the process thereafter will receive strong political support and lead to a conclusion of an agreement in the near term. Registration and an application for the USAID sub-grant for a total amount of $460,117 over a four-year period (through the Northern Rangelands Trust) has also been submitted and approved.

Bazaruto Archipelago Marine National Park, Mozambique: Negotiations towards the conclusion of an agreement with the Government of Mozambique are ongoing. We are currently in the process of identifying funding sources to match an indicative funding commitment put forward by the Government of Mozambique. This will be the first marine reserve in the APN portfolio.

Gambella, Ethiopia: In March, a male lion was killed unfortunately by local militia that were protecting the road construction machinery. Recommendations were provided to the local police to avoid similar incidents recurring. The lion and hyena surveys and the community engagement work have been postponed due to security reasons in the region. Two giraffe collars stopped working and it is unclear whether a result of a technical problem or poaching; either way the remoteness of the area will impede the recovery of these collars. The last three kob collars of the 20 that were fitted in April 2015 have stopped working. Results from an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) indicate that the current design of a road under construction in the western part of the park could have detrimental impacts on Gambella’s wildlife population, particularly on elephant and giraffe, and we will be doing what we can to mitigate this pending threat